Sunday, September 18, 2011

Urban Decay - All Nighter

So, I had to work at a music festival this summer and that meant being outside all day and all night with no chance of touching up my make up. I heard about All Nighter make up setting spray from Urban Decay; but I never knew anyone who tried it. According to the website, it can help your make up last up to 16 hours. I was a little skeptical about trying it because there are so many products out there that promise the world and deliver nothing. I also discovered it comes in a sample size. I thought hey, it's a sample. If I don't like it, as least I didn't buy the full size.

The next day, at 9am, I applied my make up as usual and sprayed on All Nighter according to the directions. Let's just say it exceeded my expectations. My make up lasted all day and ALL NIGHT. The only thing I had to touch up was my lip gloss. As for the rest, all I had to do was blot the sweat off of my face and my make up was like new. I couldn't believe it!

So, the next time you go to a festival, New Year's party or any function that will not allow you to touch up your make up properly, I highly recommend Urban Decay's All Nighter make up setting spray.


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