Monday, September 12, 2011

The Satin Bonnet

Satin Bonnet. Scarf. Doo Rag. Whatever you call it and whichever you use to cover and protect your hair at night, please know it is one of your hair's best friends. Sure, your man hates it and sees it as a mood killer. Heck, you might hate it and see it as a mood killer. Please remember, this unattractive piece of fabric is one of the necessary hair care measures that keeps your hair luxurious and breakage free. Yes, breakage free.

Why is it a great idea to wear one of these at night? Well, simply said, the fabric of your traditional pillow case sucks the life and moisture out of your hair. Curly hair craves moisture. Curly hair needs to retain as much moisture as it can.  Cotton depletes moisture and the friction from tossing and turning  opens the door to breakage, split ends and eventually hair loss. 

If you do not like to cover your hair at night because you are worried about your cover slipping off at night or you just don't like it, I recommend investing in a satin pillowcase. Protect your hair. It will love you for it.

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