Thursday, December 8, 2011

Make Up Case!!

I have make up everywhere. I keep it in the bathroom, under the bed, in multiple purses, coat pockets (you get the idea). It's everywhere and I either have a hard time finding something or I end up finding something I forgot about. So, I ended up at Ulta today and bought a make up case (Ulta and $42.00). Not just any case, but a leopard print case that was on sale for 25% off!

It's the perfect starter case. Yes, I said starter. Please see below.

It's almost full. I don't mind because it's serving its purpose. May I never lose a piece of make up again. Yeah right! LOL!


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  2. ladies this case is a MUST HAVE! it is awesome! I am absolutely loving mine! I just need to purchase more makeup to catch up with nikki who by the way, needs another case lol! Get storage and style with this case!

  3. @Keila - Thanks! I love this case. But we are going to work on your make up inventory. You'll be overflowing in no time!

  4. where can i get one :(